Castle Schloss hotel Kurfürstliches Amtshaus Palace Dauner Burg Daun Eifel

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Maars in the volcanic Eifel

Maars in the volcanic Eifel
Castle Schloss hotel Kurfurstliches Amtshaus

Palace Dauner Burgregiman prince deanery, Daun in the volcanic Eifel mountains, 40 km Cochem on the Mosel river, 70 km Trier, 72 km Koblenz / Coblence, Eifel mountains between the Rhine and Moselle rivers, Luxembourg and Belgium


“As God created the world and thereby the Eifel mountains, He surveyed His masterpiece, cried for joy, as it was good. The tears from His face fell to the earth as valuable pearls, as the so-called ‘Maaren’, which can be seen to this day.”

The “Maaren” came into being through volcanic gas explosions occurring quite recently in the earth’s history – between 9000 and 8500 years BC. These eruptions threw up enormous clouds of sand and rock into the atmosphere.

Of the approximately 80 craters or “Maaren” (some filled with water and some dry) which occupy this area, most are to be found in the neighborhood of Daun. Many are under the nature protection of the state as national parks, while others can be used for fishing, rowing, surfing and swimming.

Eifel mountains Bell Foundry

Not very far away from the town of Daun, past Weinfelder Maar and the “Hoher List” observatory, we come across the Mark Bell Foundry in Brockscheid.

The art of casting bells goes back to ancient times. Anyone who is familiar with Schiller’s “Glocke” (The Bell) will remember how difficult the casting of a bell is.: “Woe to those when the glowing ore begins of its own to spill.”

Mineral water wells

The last witnesses to volcanic eruptions in this part of the world are the mineral water springs which can be found everywhere in the valleys of this romantic countryside either springing naturally from the ground or from artificial bores.

These mineral waters in and around Daun do not differ much in content and concentration; they are acidic waters containing a mixture of sodium-magnesium-hydrogen carbonate.

Rainwater and spring water mixes with hydrogen carbonate, the last product of the subsiding vulcano, becomes an aggressive acid and loosens the minerals from the rocks.

Representatives are among others the state approved mineral springs Dunaris in Daun, Vulkania in Dreis, St. Gero in Gerolstein and Glaubersalztherme in Bad Bertrich, which are produced in the service of maintaining health, bringing about cures and which are said to be particularly beneficial.

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