Castle Schloss hotel Kurfürstliches Amtshaus Palace Dauner Burg Daun Eifel

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Hiking, cultural, bus tours, museums, animal parks, Eifel mountains

Hiking, cultural, bus tours, museums,
animal parks, Eifel mountains

Castle Schloss hotel Kurfurstliches Amtshaus

Palace Dauner Burgregiman prince deanery, Daun in the volcanic Eifel mountains, 40 km Cochem on the Mosel river, 70 km Trier, 72 km Koblenz / Coblence, Eifel mountains between the Rhine and Moselle rivers, Luxembourg and Belgium

xcursions and cultural events

  • Adenau and Ahrweiler, old historical market places
  • Beilstein on the Moselle river – historical town center and castle, about 50 km
  • Bad Bertrich, Roman Glauber’s salt thermal bath, small 18th century castle
  • Imperial castle Cochem and Capuchin monastery
  • Castle Eltz at Munstermaifeld, the epitome of the German castle romantic, about 52 km
  • Castle Pyrmont on the Elz river
  • Gerolstein with its dolomite rocks and stone age caves, about 25 km
  • The bell foundry in Brockscheid with guided tour
  • The monastery of Maria Laach at the Laacher See (Laacher Lake)
  • The monastery Himmerod near Manderscheid
  • Kronenburg near Stadtkyll, a typical castle village with a historical town center and half-timbered houses.
  • Koblenz / Coblence, Deutsches Eck (“German Corner”) – the meeting of the Moselle and Rhine rivers, fortress Ehrenbreitstein
  • Mayen, Genovevaburg, a favorite backdrop for ambitious open-air theater performances; historical market place
  • Picturesque Monreal on the Elz river, narrow alleys with former cloth manufacturers’ half-timbered houses from the 16th to the 18th centuries
  • “Maare” in Manderscheid – Manderscheid castles – jewel cutting and polishing
  • Castle Burresheim near Mayen
  • Sawmill in Meisburg, a technical rarity
  • Observatory “Hoher List” near Schalkenmehren
  • Trier, Germany’s oldest city and former Roman Imperial residence
  • Uxheim / Ahutte in the Ahbach valley, expanding waterfall in Dreimühlen
  • Wallender Born in Wallenborn – periodical gush of sulphurous, carbonic water every 25 minutes
  • The volcanic Eifel mountains countryside with its over 200 cone-shaped eruptions offers a number of unique attractions, among them superb views over the forested region below.


  • Guided hikings and bus tours Mr. Alois Mayer, principal in Daun, Telephone(0 65 92) 26 16
  • Two-hourly:
  • Tour around Daun: Wehrbusch – Kurpark – Daun
  • Spa park – Gemundener Maar – Daun
  • Three-hourly:
  • Spa park (Kurpark) – Gemundener Maar – Dronketurm – Weinfelder Maar – Schalkenmehrener Maar
  • Spa park (Kurpark) – Gemundener Maar – Liesertal – Weiersbach – Udersdorfer Muhle
  • Darscheid – Drees – Lehwald – Daun

Bus tours

  • One-hourly:
  • Three Daun Maare – Weinfelder (wine fields) chapel – walk along the Maar shore
  • Daun – Manderscheid – Daun
  • Dauner Maare – Holzmaar – Pulvermaar – Daun
  • Two-hourly:
  • Maar round tour through the volcanic Eifel mountains region:
    Oberstadtfeld – Schutz – Manderscheid (castles) – Holzmaar – Pulvermaar – three Daun “Maare” – visit to the Weinfeld Chapel and back to Daun
  • “Maare” and bell foundry in Brockscheid:
    Three Daun “Maare” (Weinfeld Chapel) – Brockscheid (bell foundry) – Manderscheid (castles) – Daun
  • Through the mountainous countryside of the volcanic Eifel mountains region:
    Gerolstein – Hillesheim (geological-path) – Daun
  • Three-hourly:
  • Castles and crater lakes:
    Three Daun “Maare” (Weinfeld Chapel) – Brockscheid – Holzmaar – Manderscheid – Valley of the small Kyll-Wallenborn (a geyser) – Gerolstein – Hillesheim – Daun
  • Gerolstein:
    Visit to the Eagle and Wolf Park in Kasselburg with a demonstration of the flight of predatory birds.


  • Eifelmuseum Genovevaburg Mayen
  • Eisenmuseum (Iron museum) in Junkerath
  • Train and Airplane Museum (Eisenbahn- und Flugzeugmuseum) in Hermeskeil
  • Mausetrap Museum (Mausefallenmuseum) in Neroth
  • Minerals Museum (Mineralienmuseum) in Gerolstein
  • Racing Museum (Rennsportmuseum) at the Nurburgring
  • Roman and Germanic Antiquities Mseum (Romisch-Germanisches Altertumsmuseum) “Villa Sarabodis” in Gerolstein

Animal parks

  • Eagle and Wolf park (Adler- und Wolfspark) in Kasselburg
  • Amusement Park (Erlebnispark) Gondorf near Bitburg
  • Deer and Wild Boar Park (Hirsch- und Saupark) in Daun
  • Wild Animal Park (Waldtierpark) in Klotten near Cochem on the Mosel river

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