Castle Schloss hotel Kurfürstliches Amtshaus Palace Dauner Burg Daun Eifel

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knight’s meal, porkling meal, orderly menu

Knight’s meal, porkling meal, orderly menu
Castle Schloss hotel Kurfurstliches Amtshaus

Palace Dauner Burgregiman prince deanery, Daun in the volcanic Eifel mountains,
40 km Cochem on the Mosel / Moselle river, 70 km Trier, 72 km Koblenz / Coblence, Eifel mountains between the Rhine and Moselle rivers, Luxembourg and Belgium

Knight’s meal

Mittelalterliches Gelage in den historischen Mauern der Dauner Burg, mit rustikalen Köstlichkeiten, wie schon die alten Rittersleut sie hier zu genießen verstanden.
Medieval binge in the historical walls of the Daun castle, with rustical specialties, just like the old knight’s people enjoyed them

bread with greaves lard,
* * *
quail with condiments cooked in parchment,
lettuce with herbs and mushrooms in honey vinegar

* * *
beef tea with spiced vegetables and a kind of noodles
* * *
warm smoked salmon on horseradish potato sauce
* * *
boiled Eifel deer with cranberries in Genever sauce, savoy and bun dumplings
* * *
Eifel land cheese with wine grapes
* * *
warm plum cake with granules

(starting at 15 people) 50 EUR per person

Porkling meal

Barley soup with bacon and croutons
Whole porkling, cut at the table, with sauerkraut, baked apple and
potato dumpling
Pear porridge with liquid cream
After the meal our butler will serve a “Eifelgeist” (a small liquor)
(for 20 or more people) 32 EUR 

Austrian Orderly Menu
As an honoring for the famous sprout of the Daun castle
“Count Leopold of Daun”
General field marshal of Her Majesty Maria Theresia,
archduchess of Austria, queen of Bohmen and Hungary
and empress of Germany
Conqueror of the Prussians by Prague and Kolin

Menu 1

Country bread with herb cream
Vogerlsalat und Erdäpfelsalat
mit Wiener Backhendl
Lamb’s lettuce and potato salad with
baked spring chick
Rostbraten „Esterházy” mit Karfiol und Selchspecknockerln
Roast beef in vegetable sour cream sauce with cauliflower and bacon dumplings
Mohr im Hemd mit Schlagobers
Chocolate pudding with whipped cream

for 10 people and more, per person 35 EUR

Menu 2

Country bread with herb cream
Paradeisereintopf mit Fojosch
Tomato hotpot with zander
Indian Schlegel mit Zwetschgen in Majoransauce mit grünen Fisolen und Erdäpfelpüree
Turkey with dried plums in majoran sauce with green beans and mashed potatoes
Pancake curd crowd

for 10 people and more, per person 32 EUR

Knight’s bar “Grafenschanke” | Medieval music at the round table

Castle Schloss-Hotel
Kurfurstliches Amtshaus
Dauner Burg
Gunter and Christa Probst
D-54550 Daun / Vulkaneifel
Tel. +49 (0) 65 92 / 925-0
Fax +49 (0) 65 92 / 925-255